A Quick List of Simple Joys from a Crochet Lover

Simple, Vintage and Crochet is doing something cool starting this week. The blog is asking people to write on their own blogs about four simple things that give them great joy. I love the pleasure of acknowledging the little joys in life. These little joys add up to a wonderfully happy life as a whole when you pay attention to them.

4 simple things that I am loving right now:

  1. Exploring different crochet artists to see what amazing types of things people are doing.
  2. The idea of yarn bombing.
  3. The pleasurable feel of cashmere yarn running through my fingers in the luxury yarn store.
  4. Flipping through crochet books while drinking coffee in front of the fireplace.

Visit the post to see links to what lots of other people are enjoying right now!

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  1. Hi, Thank you for stopping at my place and participating…I must look into what yarn bombing is…I’ll be back to visit after I get supper on…Thanks for the plug.

    • Thanks for hosting the link share! So neat to see what people find joyful. Yarn bombing, in brief, is graffiti but with knitting or crochet work instead of paint.

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