2 Major UK Stores Have Crochet in Their Spring Lines

topshop12 500x375 2 Major UK Stores Have Crochet in Their Spring Lines

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It’s the time of year when everyone in the fashion world is talking about spring. People are tired of wearing the bundled up items that make up winter clothing and are looking forward to spring collections. Reports indicate that two major stores in the UK will be featuring crochet clothing in their spring lines. Will U.S. stores also offer us crochet?

Crochet at Topshop

Fibre2Fashion reports that UK chain store Topshop is debuting four new looks for its spring and summer collection. The look called “Swedish Summer” takes its inspiration from the folksy fashions of the 1970’s. As they put it, “Homespun cotton crochets and lace appear on cream and ecru tunic dresses, whilst soft, transparent crepe de chine and georgette are used in long printed tiered folk dresses and maxi skirts.” The line will also feature accessories done in the crochet-related art of macrame.

Marks & Spencer Crochet

Another major leading UK clothing retailer, Marks & Spencer, also has plans to bring crochet clothing to the masses this spring. Become Gorgeous reports that this also has to do with a return to the trends that are inspired by the 1970’s. Ideal Homes reports that M&S will also be bringing crochet to their spring line for home decor items, with the art featured on rugs and throws.

Chain Stores vs. Boutique Stores

Personally I think there is a lot of value in purchasing handmade items directly from the people who make them. This can be done by making purchases at local craft stores, in boutiques in your area and by shopping online through sites like Etsy. However I also think it’s nice to see crochet making its way back into the mainstream with items sold in major chain stores. What do you think? Should crochet be relegated to the realm of indie sales or is it a good thing that it’s becoming so popular again?

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